Crossley badge The vehicles made by Crossley Motors


The following pages give more details and specifications of the vehicles made by Crossley Motors.

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40 hp 18/50 and 20.9
22hp 15.7
12/14, 15 and "Shelsley" Silver
20hp and 20/25 10 hp
25/30 Regis
19.6 Streamline
20/70 2 litre Sports Saloon
14hp and 15/30 Golden and Super Six 
Crossley Bugatti 3 litre Sports Saloon


Eagle and Hawk DD42
Arrow and Alpha SD42
Condor Dutch buses (SD42/1 & 2)
Mancunian Dominion and Empire trolley buses
TDD4 and 6 trolley buses


Commercial and Military
20/25 Tender BGV1 and 2
BGT1 or 40-50hp 30 cwt Crossley IGA 3 Armoured car
IGL 1 Crossley Mk1 Armoured car
IGA 1 Armoured car IGL 3 to 8
15/20 van BGV 3 to 5
Atlas lorry
Crossley-Kegresse Beta lorry
IGL 2 Delta lorry
18/50 van FWD