The Crossley 15.7 was manufactured between 1928 and 1931 replacing the 14hp. In 1931 the model was superseded by the similar Silver model. Approximately 1200 15.7s were made.

Chassis numbers for the 15.7 range from 80001 to 81264. 

The 2 litre sports with tuned engine was introduced in 1928 and numbered from 81400. It should not be confused with the 1930s 2 litre Sports Saloon which used a completely new chassis.


Crossley15.7 sports fabric saloon

Two-litre "Shelsley" Fabric saloon.
£550 (1928)
£675 (1929)

Crossley 2 litre sports touring car
Crossley 2 Litre sports

Two-litre sports.
Touring car £625 (1928)
Fabric saloon £675 (1928)
Chassis only £475 (1928)

The fabric saloon in the lower picture was entered in the 1930 Monte Carlo Rally by Mr J. L. Finnigan.

Crossley 15.7 tourer
Crossley 15.7 tourer

15.7 five seat tourer.
£495 (1928)

Crossley 15.7 four door saloon

15.7 four door saloon.
standard or popular £498 (1929)
de luxe £575 (1929)
De-luxe models had wire wheels and individual front seats, the Standard, artillery wheels and a one piece front seat.

Crossley 15.7 sportsman 2 light coupe
Crossley 15.7 Sportsman 4 light coupe

15.7 "Sportsmans" 4/5 seat coupés.
Two light drophead £525
Two or four light fixed head £550 (both prices 1929).
(Both types were available with either fabric or metal bodies).

Crossley 15.7 Enclosed Limousine

15.7 Enclosed Limousine.
£595 (1928)

Early cars to about chassis number 80600 had a narrow radiator, later cars a wider one. The 2 litre Sports Model had a more rounded radiator.

The above are all Crossley factory bodies. Cars were also supplied in chassis form to independent coach builders

The prices quoted are from contemporary advertisements.


capacity 1991cc
cylinders 6 monobloc
bore 65mm
stroke 100mm
compression ratio 5.5:1
6.5:1 (sports model)
RAC Horse Power 15.7
carburettor Crossley-Stromberg OE-1 (Sports models)
valves overhead operated by push rod
lubrication Pressure lubrication of big end and main bearings
ignition magneto - Scintilla PN6
max power 45 bhp at 3500rpm
62bhp at 4000 rpm (sports)
fuel consumption (typical) 24 mpg (fabric saloon)
max speed (approx) 60 mph (15.7)
acceleration 0-50 mph in 33 seconds ("The Motor" road test)
Gears ratios (15.7) - 1:1, 1.59:1, 2.52:1, 3.79:1
right hand, side change. Gear box in unit with engine.
Clutch single plate
Drive shaft open shaft
Rear axle spiral bevel
ratio 5:1 (15.7)