The origins of the company.

The history of the parent company that pioneered the 4 stroke engine in Britain.

The cars made by Crossley before the First World War

Cars from the earliest days. A range of quality vehicles were made with some very advanced features.

Crossley cars during the 1920s

Starting from a base of pre-World War 1 designs the company went on to develop a range of high quality hand built cars.

Crossley cars during the 1930s

Although the larger cars continued to be available, Crossley turned to a new range of smaller vehicles using Coventry Climax engines.

Crossley buses

Crossley Buses 1918-39
Crossley Buses 1945-58

The earliest buses were built as private ventures based on ex WW1 vehicles but later special chassis and complete buses came to dominate the company's output and were the last vehicles produced.

Crossley Goods Vehicles

As with buses the first goods vehicles were adapted from cars but later Crossley made special chassis and complete vehicles.

Military Vehicles from 1918 onwards

Military vehicles in the First World War
Military vehicles 1919-1945

In World War 1 the company greatly stepped up production becoming a major supplier to the Royal Flying Corps. Between the wars Crossley made a variety of chassis for both military transports and fighting vehicles. During World War II the factories were again fully utilised concentrating on heavy trucks mainly for the RAF.

Vehicle companies with links to Crossley Motors

Information on some of the companies either owned by or having close co-operation with Crossley motors.

The Court Treatt Cape to Cairo Expedition

The story of the first successful drive of a motor vehicle from Cape Town to Cairo in 1924-1926.