Crossley badge Crossley "25/30" cars


The Crossley 25/30 was manufactured between 1919 and 1925. Approximately 600 cars were made. Chassis numbers range from 10000 to 15xxx. Numbers up to 12000 were shared with the 20/25 and 13000 onwards shared with the military 30 cwt light tenders. On some cars the chassis number is prefixed by a letter X but the significance of this is uncertain.

The engines were numbered and date stamped and engine numbers and chassis numbers were close but not usually identical. For example, engine number 15273 is stamped February 1925.

Many, probably most, of the cars had the V-shaped radiator but a flat type was available as an option.

Crossley 25-30 engine

Crossley 25-30 chassis


The "Buxton" seven seat Pullman saloon.

Crossley 25-30 Buxton limousine

The upholstery was in Bedford cord.

£1425 (1921)
£1,000 (1922)
£1350 (1925)

The "Manchester" five seat touring car

Crossley 25/30 Manchester touring car

The upholstery was in leather.

£850 chassis only (1919)
£1375 (1920)
£1060 (1921)
£975 (1922)
£925 (1925)

The "Chester" seven seat Limousine Landaulette.

Crossley 25/30 Chester limousine

The upholstery in the interior was in Bedford cord and in the front leather.

£1350 (1921)
£1175 (1925)

The "London" four seat coupé

Crossley 25/30 London coupe

The upholstery was in Bedford cord.

£1325 (1921)
£1250 (1922)
£1150 (1925)


Crossley 25-30 ambulance

Ambulances were also built on the 25/30 chassis. The one illustrated here was supplied to Wigan Corporation in 1921. It cost £1550. A cheaper version could be fitted to reconstructed ex-military chassis. Contemporary press reports stated that "having made a speciality of these vehicles, Crossley Motors Ltd have supplied a large number to county councils, corporations and similar authorities in all parts of Great Britain."

There was provision for two stretcher cases and two sitting patients and an attendant.

The number made is not known.

The above are all Crossley factory bodies. Many cars were supplied in chassis form to independent coach builders

The prices quoted are for the home market and come from contemporary advertisements or price lists.


Four, pair cast
4 inches (102mm)
5 1/2 inches (140mm)
4.29:1 (fixed head - early)
4.64:1 (detachable head - late)
Smiths 5 jet
Full pressure fed
Magneto (Lucas EB4)
45 bhp (33 kw) @ 1750rpm (fixed head)
62 bhp (46 kw)@ 2300 rpm (detachable head)
13-15 miles per gallon
13-15 mpg(20 litres/100 km)
60 mph (95 kph)

4 forward + reverse gears. Right hand change.

spiral bevel 4:1 ratio
straight cut (WD spec) 4.07:1
12 Volt.
11 feet 3 inches (3429 mm)
15 feet 5 inches (4572 mm)
4 feet 6 inches (1372 mm)
6 feet (1829 mm)
tourer approx 38 cwt (1930 kg)
saloon 40 cwt (2032 kg)
worm and complete wheel
semi-elliptic springs
three quarter-elliptic springs
handbrake operating on rear wheels.
foot brake operated transmission brake.
920 x 120 beaded edge (tourer)
895 x 135 beaded edge (saloon, landaulette and coupé)