The BGT1 (British Government tender Type 1), also known as the 40-50hp or on the civilian market the 30 cwt Subsidy Chassis, was produced in 1923 in response to the British War Office's Subsidy Specification No 30 which called for a "30 cwt chassis capable of carrying at least 2 tons over rough country". At first the 5266 cc 30/70 engine was used but the smaller 25/30 engine could be specified. The 30/70 engine was an over bored version of the 25/30. The last ones were probably made in 1927.

It was available in both civilian and military specifications, the civilian version having a fabricated radiator surround and the military a cast aluminium version. At least one was fitted with a Kegresse track bogie and used in 1925 as a demonstrator. The military version was supplied to the British and Indian governments and the Royal Air Force.

The engine used was either the 4531 cc 25/30 type or the 5266 cc 30/70 type.

Chassis numbers were in either the 30xxx range for those fitted with the 25/30 engine or the 50xxx range for the 30-70 engined variants.

Around 200 are believed to have been made, none are known to survive.


Crossley 15cwt subsidy type lorry

The 30 cwt civilian version of the 40-50 with lorry body from the Crossley Motors Sales Brochure

Crossley BGT1 with kegresse track

The BGT1 military model. This example was fitted with a Kegresse track and was acting as Crossley's demonstration vehicle in trials at Bovington camp in 1925.

In chassis form the BGT1 cost £850 or £890 with electric lighting and starting and complete vehicles cost from £950. It was eligible for a government subsidy of £40 per year if made available for military use on demand.


capacity 4531 cc or 5266 cc
cylinders Four, cast in pairs
bore 4 inches (101.6 mm) or 4 5/16 inches (109.5 mm)
stroke 5½ inches (140 mm)
compression ratio
RAC horsepower 25.6 or 29.8
valves side
lubrication pressure fed to bearings
ignition HT magneto
carburettor Smiths 4 jet
max power 30-50 bhp or 50-70 bhp depending on specification.
fuel consumption (typical)
max speed (approx) 50 mph (80 kph)
Gears Gearbox separate from engine and linked by double flexible coupling.

overall ratios: 34:1, 20.5:1, 11.75:1, 6.25:1. Reverse 27.494:1
Drive shaft
Final Drive worm drive 6.25 ratio.
Clutch Inverted cone type with Ferodo lining. Clutch stop.
Axle Front - beam axle
Rear - steel casing with fully floating drive shafts