>The Atlas range of commercials was introduced in 1931 and remained in production until 1936. Both two axle (six ton) and three axle (eight to twelve ton) types were made.

Six cylinder diesel engines were used, at first the 45/85 then the VR6.

Chassis numbers were in the 950xx range.

The number made is not known and there are no known survivors.


Crossley Alas chassis

Atlas chassis.

The chassis cost £1440 in 1932.

Crossley Atlas

A 2 axle 6 ton Crossley Atlas with Dyson 7-8 ton trailer in the ownership of Hargreaves Bros of Adlington, Chorley, Lancashire.

Crossley Atlas lorry

A 1933 Atlas destined for Mcmillans in Belfast photographed at the Crossley factory.




8369 cc (45/85)
9120 cc (VR6)
cylinders 6 in two banks of 3
bore 4¼ inches (108 mm) (45/85)
4 7/16 inches (112.7 mm) (VR6)
stroke 6 inches (152.4 mm)
compression ratio
RAC Horse Power 43.4 (45/85)
47.3 (VR6)
valves overhead
max power 85 bhp at 1800 rpm (45/80)
100 bhp at 1700 rpm (VR6)
fuel consumption (typical) 8.3 mpg  (34 litres per 100 kms)
Tank capacity 22 gallons (100litres)
acceleration 0 - 20 mph in 24 seconds
max speed (approx) 27 mph (43.5 kph) governed.
Gears 4 speed separately mounted from engine
3.68:1, 2.57:1, 1.43:1, 1:1
Optional two speed auxiliary gearbox from December 1932.
Clutch single dry plate
Drive Shaft divided propeller shaft with three universla joints
Rear axle double reduction worm drive with worm on top
ratio - 8.25:1 (other ratios optional)