The Delta range of commercials was introduced in November 1933. Smaller than the Beta, which was launched at the same time, the two axle chassis was rated at three to four tons capacity. Both lorry and bus chassis were offered in normal and, from mid 1934, forward control types and a single example of a coach was also made. A tractor version for articulated vehicles was exhibited at the 1935 Commercial Motor Show but seems to have not gone into production.

The 20/60 3705cc 4 cylinder petrol engine was used with the VS4 diesel as an alternative from late 1935.

Chassis numbers were in the 963xx range for the petrol engine and 965xx for the diesel chassis.

The number made is not known and there are no known survivors.


Crossley Delta chassis

Delta chassis.

The chassis cost £425.

Crossley Delta truck2

A Delta truck that was exported to Mauritius and used to transport bags of rice and sugar. The side tipping body is by T. Tong of Kearsley, Bolton.

Crossley Delta truck2

A Delta tipper operated by Joseph Turner Ltd,  Middlewood Quarries, Sheffield

Crossley Delta tractor unit

The Delta tractor unit with Crossley cab. It was designed for a 6 ton capacity trailer.

In basic form it cost £645 or £732 with auxiliary gearbox, larger tyres and cab.

Crossley Delta coach

The only coach built on the Delta chassis was this petrol engined, streamlined example that was supplied to Manchester City Transport in 1935 for their airport service. It had 20 seats.


3705 cc (20/60)
3620 cc (VS4)
cylinders 4
bore 3.5 inches (88.9 mm) (20/60)
3.75 inches (95.2 mm) (VS4)
stroke 5 7/8 inches (150mm) (20/60)
5 inches (127 mm) (VS4)
compression ratio 20:1 (VS4)
RAC Horse Power 19.6 (20/60)
22.5 (VS4)
valves side (20/60)
overhead (VS4)
ignition coil (magneto optional)
injection CAV Bosch (VS4)
carburettor Solex (20/60)
max power 60 bhp at 2500 rpm (20/60)
50 bhp at 2150 rpm (VS4)
fuel consumption (typical) 11.2 mpg (VS4)
18 gallon (80 litre) tank
lubrication Dry sump (20/60)
max speed (approx) 30 mph (governed)
acceleration 0-25 mph in 40 seconds
Gears Gearbox in-unit with engine.
Ratios - 4.52:1, 2.7:1, 1.67:1, 1:1. Reverse 5.2:1
Auxiliary two speed gearbox optional with direct drive or 1.96:1 reduction.
Clutch Ferodo single dry plate
Drive Shaft Open shaft with centre joint.
Rear axle Overhead worm.
Fully floating half shafts
6.5:1 or 7.5:1 ratio