During World War I and between the wars several Crossley chassis were fitted with ambulance bodies. Some were advertised and supplied as complete vehicles by Crossley and others had coachwork fitted by independent suppliers.


Crossley 15hp ambulance
A WWI ambulance by an unknown coachbuilder fitted to a 15hp car chassis.
Crossley 20/25 ambulance
An Australian WWI ambulance by an unknown coachbuilder fitted to a 20/25hp car chassis.

The inscription on the side reads "Presented by the Patriotic Fund of the Education Department of Victoria".
Crossley 20/25 ambulance
Another type of ambulance also on the 20/25 chassis. After the war at least four of this type were used by the London County Council.
Crossley 25/30 ambulance
1921 Crossley ambulance body on a 25/30 chassis.
The body is built of mahogany panelling on an ash frame and has room for two stretchers. The interior could be warmed using an exhaust heated apparatus.
They were supplied to "a large number of county councils, corporations and similar authorities in all parts of Great Britain". The one illustrated is believed to have been supplied to Wigan and another went to Gateshead.

The complete vehicle cost £1550.
Crossley 15/20 ambulance
The 15/20 Motor Ambulance as shown in the Crossley brochure of 1926. This used the same engine as fitted to the 14hp car.
The body was ash framed with the interior paneled in mahogany faced plywood.
There was room for two stretchers in the rear.
The number made is not known and none are known to survive.
Crossley ambulance
The 1930 Crossley Motor Ambulance type J had the engine from the 20.9 car.
The flat radiator surround appears to be from the 14 hp cars. The wheelbase of 11 feet 5 inches indicates that the long wheelbase car chassis was used.
The engine and gearbox from the 20.9 was fitted with the 4.92:1 rear axle ratio.
The body is described as ash framed on oak foundation with aluminium panelling. Provision could be made for one, two or four stretchers to be carried.
The number made is not known and none are known to survive.