The Crossley Bugatti was manufactured between 1923 and 1925. Only 24 were made although there were plans for at least 500. Chassis numbers range from CM 1601 to 1625.

The cars were assembled from components bought in from Bugatti and it is not certain how much of the car was actually made as opposed to assembled in Manchester. It is reported that Gorton cars had Crossley crosses on the axles and a contemporary test reports praises the gear box and back axle as much less noisy than those of the French made cars.


Crossley Bugatti 3 seat

3 seat "cloverleaf" body
£475 (1924)

Crossley Bugatti 2 seat

2 seat body
£735 (1924)

Crossley Bugatti 4 seat

4 seat body
£775 (1924)

Crossley Bugatti coupe

4 seat coupe
£800 (1924)

The car was also available as chassis only at £575 for the Touring version or £750 for the Sports. The Sports with Two-Seated "Grand Prix" body cost £840.

The above illustrations all come from a contemporary Crossley brochure but probably represent cars of French manufacture that could be ordered through Charles Jarrott & Letts. It is not certain which bodies were fitted on the cars made at the Gorton factory but at least one four and one three seater were made.

The above prices are as quoted in the Crossley brochure. It is reported that the Manchester built cars sold for considerably less than the Molsheim ones and an article in "The Auto Motor Journal" dated December 6th, 1923 quotes a price of £350 for the chassis and £475 for the complete 3 seater.


capacity 1452cc (Touring)
1496cc (Sports)
cylinders 4 monobloc
bore 68 mm (Touring)
69 mm (Sports)
stroke 100 mm
compression ratio
RAC Horse Power 11.5
carburettor Zenith - supercharged by engine driven pump.
valves overhead cam. 2 inlet and 2 exhaust per cylinder
lubrication pressure fed to all bearings and valve gear
ignition HT magneto. Duplex fitted to Sports model.
max power
fuel consumption (typical) 40 mpg (7.1 Litres/100km)
max speed (approx) 60 mph (96 kph) (guaranteed)
Gears 4 forward
Clutch Multiple metal disc in oil bath
Rear axle 3.4:1