The Crossley IGA3 armoured car was built from 1928 on a modified version of the IGL3 chassis. Early versions seem to have used the 25/30 4.5 litre four cylinder engine but in 1930 the larger 38/110 6.7 litre six cylinder petrol engine was being offered.

The completed chassis were sent to Vickers to have the superstructure and armament fitted. Customers included the British army, RAF and 14 were supplied to the Iraq military.

Chassis numbers were in either the 306xx range.

Crossley armoured car chassis
IGA3 chassis


Crossley IGA3 armoured car

IGA3 with wireless equipment.

Crossley IGA3 armoured car

Two of the three IGA3s supplied to the RAF. The third example had the dome type turret that can be seen on the second car.


capacity 4531cc (four) or 6796 cc (six)
cylinders four or six
bore 4 inches (100 mm)
stroke 5 1/2 inches (140 mm)
compression ratio
RAC horsepower 25.6 (four cylinder) or 38.4 (six cylinder)
valves side
lubrication pressure fed to bearings
ignition magneto
max power 50 bhp (four)
110 bhp at 2100 rpm (six)
fuel consumption (typical)
max speed (approx) on-road 40-45 mph (65-70 kph)
off-road 5 mph (8 kph)
Gears 4 + 2 speed
Final Drive
Clutch single dry plate
Axle Front - beam axle
Rear - twin axle bogie