The TDD6 3 axle, 6 wheel, trolley buses were introduced in 1935 and the TDD4 2 axle, 4 wheel, model in 1936. The last TDD6s were built in 1940 and TDD4s in 1942.

All were fitted with double deck bodies. The TDD4 was built on a modified Mancunian bus chassis.

Chassis numbers were:

92301 to 92317 - TDD6. 17 built.

92401 to 92497 -TDD4. 97 built


Crossley TDD4 trolley bus

A Manchester Corporation Crossley bodied TDD4

Crossley TDD6 trolley bus

The Crossley bodied TDD6 supplied to Belfast.

The trolley buses were supplied to the following operators-

Operator TDD4 TDD6
Manchester 68 12
Hull 20 -
Ashton-under-Lyne 9 3
Belfast - 2

77 of the TDD4s had Crossley bodies using Metro-Cammell framework but the 20 supplied to Hull were by Craven.

16 of the TDD6s had Crossley bodies using Metro-Cammell framework, the remaining one, one of two supplied to Belfast, was by Harkness.

The TDD4 chassis was priced at £1150.

Manchester withdrew their last TDD4 in September 1960 and their last TDD6 in April 1956.


Motors Metropolitan-Vickers
MV202FW (TDD4) or MV206A2 (TDD6)
motor output 85 hp (TDD4)
95 hp (TDD6)
motor control Regenerative
Overhead line voltage 550 v dc
max speed (approx) n/a
Rear axle differential offset to off side (right)