The Crossley 2 litre Sports Saloon was manufactured between 1934 and 1937. Approximately 25 were made of which three survive.

Chassis numbers range from 16/101 to 16/125.

The engine was based on that from the 15.7 and Silver but featured higher compression ratio and modified cylinder head and timing. The chassis was to a new design.

Crossley 2 Litre chassis


Crossley 2 litre sports saloon

2 litre Sports Saloon Prototype

Crossley 2 litre sports saloon

2 litre Saloon (Production Model)

£695 (including sliding roof)

The body for the first production car was by Crossley. All other survivors are by Ranalah of Kew.

The price quoted is from contemporary advertisements.


capacity 1991 cc
cylinders 6 monobloc
bore 65 mm
stroke 100 mm
compression ratio 6.5:1
RAC Horse Power 15.7
carburettor Updraught Zenith 36VE, Solex and twin SU are all referred to in various documents.
valves Overhead operated by pushrods
lubrication Pressure to main and big end bearings
ignition Scintilla PN6 magneto
max power 62 bhp (46 KW) at 4000 rpm
fuel consumption (typical) 20 mpg (10 litres/100km)
max speed (approx) 76 mph (120 kph)
Gears ENV type 110 pre-selector
ratios 1:1, 1.59:1, 2.5:1 and 3.79:1
Clutch none
Rear axle semi floating
spiral bevel ratio 5:1