Crossley badgeThe Crossley "TSD42", "Dominion" and "Empire" trolley buses


The TSD42 was an export model two axle trolley bus produced in 1948 and all going to New Zealand, ten for Wellington and four for New Plymouth.

The TDD42 Empire two axle trolley bus was introduced in 1950 and the TDD64 Dominion three axle model in 1951. The last were built in 1951. All were fitted with double deck bodies. The Empire was supplied to Manchester, Ashton-under-Lyne and Cleethorpes, all the Dominions went to Manchester.

Chassis numbers were:

94301 to 94314 - TSD42/1 14 built

94401 to 94445 - TDD42 "Empire". 45 built.

94501 to 94516 -TDD64 "Dominion". 16 built

Crossley TDD64 trolleybus chassis

The chassis of the TDD64 "Dominion".


Crossley TSD42 Trolley Bus

A preserved TSD42 from the New Plymouth fleet. (Photo courtesy of Lachlan Rendall)

Crossley Empire Trolley Bus

An Ashton under Lyne TDD42 Empire. (Photo courtesy of Mike Beamish)

Crossley Dominion Trolley Bus

A Manchester Corporation TDD64 Dominion

The TSD42s were exported to New Zealand in chassis form and had bodies fitted by Wellington Tramways.
All the TDD42s had Crossley bodies except for the two designated TDD42/3 operated by Cleethorpes which had Roe bodies.
All the TDD64s had Crossley bodies.


TDD42 - MV209
TDD64 - MV2101

Non-regenerative stabilised Rheostatic control
550 v dc

TDD42 - 95 hp
TDD64 - 115hp

differential offset to near side (left)
TSD42 - 20 feet 3½ inches (6.185 m)
TDD42 - 16 feet 1½ inches (4.917 m)
TDD64 - 18 feet 7 inches (5.664 m) 
TSD42  - 33 feet (10.05 m)

8 feet (2.438 m)

semi-elliptic springs
semi elliptic springs
Air - pressure assisted