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What follows is a listing of all the models of Crossley vehicles that I know of. I won't guarantee that they are all currently available and make no claims that the list is exclusive. The prices are almost certainly out of date. Military modellers seem especially well catered for. If anyone knows of others, please let me know.

Matchbox "Models of Yesteryear", UK - 1918 Crossley 20/25

Originally issued in 1973 this must be the most commonly found model and is available in an amazing number of variants including some specially made for companies as publicity items.

Model of Yesterday Coal Lorry Model of Yesterday RAF Tender Model of Yesterday Carlsberg Lorry Model of Yesterday London police Tender

Some of the many variants of the Matchbox model.

They are no longer available new but are readily found secondhand from 50 pence upwards depending on condition, rarity etc. As usual with the used model market, there is a premium for having a good condition box which pushes the price up to the £5.00 plus mark. The special editions (known as Code 3) go for a premium. There are even some silver and gold plated examples including ones made as desk sets.

The model is to 1:47 scale and is about 4 inches long.

Corgi Models, Margate, Kent, UK - DD42 bus

Corgi released their ready built and painted DD42 in their Original Omnibus range in 2008 initially in Manchester colours.  It has been followed by limited edition versions in Glasgow and Portsmouth liveries. The scale is to 1:76 and so the model is about 4 inches (100mm)  long.

The model number is OM41602

Corgi DD42 bus Corgi DD42 bus

photos - Liz Pastore

ABS Models, Weymouth, Dorset, UK - DD42 bus

This is a white metal kit of a DD42 from the Oldham fleet and is to 1:76 scale making the model about 4 inches (100mm)  long. It was originally made by Anbrico. ABS have now reissued the kit in 2007 as part of their Streetscene range at £32.50.

Add on parts are also available to make several variants. The model number is ABR385.

Crossley DD42 bus kit

TinY, Blackburn, UK - SD42 bus

TinY kits based in Blackburn produced a kit of an all Crossley version of the SD42 single decker in resin. The illustration shows it painted in Chesterfield livery.

The kit reference is TK3 and TinY can be contacted on 07890 983733. The kit costs £30 plus postage but is currently (2011) unavailable.

Tiny models SD42 bus kit

HB Modell, Czech Republic - Dutch SD 42/1 bus

Available painted in the 1947 liveries of Amsterdam GVB, NS, NZH, TP, BBA, SW and LTM, this resin model of the SD 42/1 "Long Dutch" is to a scale of 1:87 so is about 5 inches (125 mm) long. The model illustrated looks to be of one from the De Schelde works.

Crossley Dutch bus

This won a model of the year award a few years ago.

Focus Modell Parts, Netherlands - Dutch PT42/1 tractor and bus trailer

This one is a resin cast body kit from the Dutch company Focus Modell Parts. These are now sold by Dutch model shop Brekelmans Modelbouw. After being unavailable for quite some time they are now back on the market but probably quite hard to find. I think it is to 1:87 scale. It's not altogether clear from the description but I think you have to provide your own wheels/axles.

 Crossley Dutch trailer bus

The raw moulding to make the body of the trailer bus from the Focus kit.

VV Models, Czech Republic - Dutch PT42/1 tractor and bus trailer

Available in two different liveries this 1:87 scale model can be bought as a kit or fully assembled.The tractor unit is also available separately.

 Crossley Dutch trailer bus

A completed example of the kit built by Bob Belcher in 2021.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Little Bus Company, Halifax, Yorkshire, UK - DD42/8

This is a Resin kit of the DD42/8 with Crossley body as used in Manchester. The scale is 1:76 and the kit cost £32 in 2006.

Crossley DD42 bus model

The DD42 in Manchester colours.

Reviresco Models, Washington, USA - RFC/RAF Tender

This is a 1/76 scale kit to build and paint. It is available in either open or closed versions and costs $10.00.

Reviresco Crossley tender

A completed model of the closed version of the RFC tender made from the Reviresco kit.

Merlin Models, Newcastle, Staffs, UK RFC Tender

This model came out in the early 1990s and I think is no longer made. It came as a white metal kit to 1:72 scale complete with a model nurse and 3 RFC crew members. A comment said "the castings are not to the highest quality and need quite a lot of work but a good model can be made".

Frontline Models, Gillingham, Kent, UK - Vickers-Crossley Armoured Car

Frontline Wargaming is a small company that specialises in military models. They list two variants of the armoured car that seem to be the same apart from markings and armaments.

The kit is a resin bodied with some metal parts. It is to 1:76 scale. The cost of the kit is £2.85.

Frontline model of Crossley armoured car

The Vickers armoured car made from the Frontline kit.

SMA, UK - Vickers Crossley Armoured Car

SMA is the manufacturer of a 1/76 scale range of vehicles, figures and accessories which are sold under the name Small Scale Productions. The kits consist of a mix of resin and white metal pieces and most come with instructions. Two kits are listed, SSP120 Vickers Crossley 4x2 armoured car and SSP141 Crossley Chevy Indian Pattern armoured car (illustrated), they both cost £12.60.

SMA model of Crossley armoured car

The round turret armoured car made from a SMA kit.

CA (Tommy) Atkins Models, Bridlington, Yorkshire, UK - Indian Pattern Armoured Car

Another armoured car but I can't find much out about it except that it is described as "high quality"

It is to 1/76 scale and costs £11.00

Matador Models, New Milton, Hampshire, UK - Crossley BGV3 30cwt 6 x 4

Matador produce a wide range of military model kits in various scales and seem to have several Crossleys in the pipeline. The first to be available is the BGV3 truck. It is to 1:76 scale and costs £15.50. (The Matador reference number is 76B-09)

Matador model of Crossley BGV3

A completed Matador BGV3 resin kit.

Also in the Matador catalogue but described as "Master under development" are: Crossley Q Type 2 RAF 3 ton Tender 1:76 scale (Reference #AA7605) Crossley Q RAF Tractor Quoted as "For Queen Mary trailer". 1:76 scale. (Reference #AA7606)

Trux Models, Leeds, UK - Crossley IGL8 3 ton 6 x 4

Amongst their range of 1:76 scale military kits Trux have a series of models, introduced in 1996 and improved in 2001, of the various makers who supplied the War Office with 3 ton 6 x 4 vehicles. A variety of loads are available and for the Crossley IGL8 these are a General Service Lorry (£12.00), a Breakdown Gantry Lorry (£14.00) and a Searchlight Lorry (£14.00).

Production of Trux kits ceased in 2005.

Trux model of Crossley IGL8 searchlight truckTrux model of Crossley IGL8 gantry truck

The Trux IGL8 Searchlight and Gantry lorries

Accurate Armour, Glasgow, UK - Crossley 4x4 FWD Fire Crash Tender

A complete 1/48th scale resin model kit designed by David Jane of the Classic British WW2 (& Post War) Crossley FWD 4x4 Foam/C02 Fire Crash Tender (RAF). The model features extensive detail, tools, suspension, and chassis of this standard RAF vehicle for both concrete and grass airfields. This model shown depicts a vehicle in WW2 RAF service (Extensive RAF Fighter, Bomber and Coastal Command decals are also included).

The kit combines fine detail with ease of assembly and come as standard with simple to apply brass detail set, full colour decals, and  other building materials required. It is  supplied boxed with full colour instructions and is about 120 mm long.

It carries Accurate Armour's code K48004 and costs £46.80.

Accurate Armour model of Crossley FWD fire tender
Model Crossley FWD fire tender cabModel of Crossley FWD fire tender rear

(Photos by permission of Accurate Armour)
The Accurate Armour FWD Fire Tender

CCC Models, France - Crossley-Bugatti Car

CCC is a French maker and produces a wide range of models of what can only be described as rarer vehicles from mainly French manufacturers. The kit is to 1:43 scale so should be  about 3 inches (75 mm) long and cost about £50. I think it is now sold out.

CCC model of Crossley Bugatti
The Crossley-Bugatti completed from the CCC kit.

Sloppy Jalopy, Nottingham, UK - Crossley 19.6 car

Sloppy Jalopy have a range of 3 variants on the 19.6 car, a tourer, a saloon and a custom kit containing the tourer with variations. The white metal kits are to 1:48 scale making the cars about 3 1/2 inches (90 mm) long. The kits cost £11.00.

Sloppy Jalopy model of the 19.6 Crossley

The Crossley 19.6 tourer from the Sloppy Jalopy kit.