The Crossley 12/14 hp was introduced in 1909. It was renamed the 15hp in 1911 and in 1913 the engine stroke was increased to take the capacity to 2613cc. The "Shelsley" sporting version was also introduced in 1913 and featured the V shaped radiator that was to be used on many types up to the early 1930s. The number made is not known. Before 1919 chassis numbers were not segregated by model type and are in the range up to 2445. The last cars are thought to have been made in 1915.


Crossley 15hp chassis

chassis only:
£335 (short) £355 (long) (1912)
£350 (1913)
£375 (Shelsley)

Crossley 15hp coupe

2 door coupé. Coachbuilder unknown.

Crossley 15hp Shelsley

Crossley bodied sporting Shelsley model.
Both two and four seat versions were made. The Shelsley usually had the peaked radiator. Photo - Michael Lawton


Crossley 15hp 4 seat tourer

15hp five seat tourer. The photo shows Crossley designers Hubert Woods at the wheel and A. W. Reeves in the passenger seat so presumably it has an in-house body.

Crossley 12/14 coupe

12/14hp coupé of 1910.
Coachbuilder unknown.

Crossley 15hp Mann Egerton Tourer

15hp with Mann Egerton Torpedo body
£415 (1912)

Crossley 15hp

Nicknamed Connie, this two-door saloon successfully took part in the 1933 RSAC Scottish rally and the 1934 RAC rally when although classified as a non-finisher it appears to have reached the finish at Bournemouth. It cost £875 when new but Mr Ernest Hasel had bought it for £5.

Crossley 15hp tourer

A 15hp with tourer body believed to be in New Zealand. The owner is possibly a Mr Hoare.

Crossley 15hp with ambulance body

An ambulance built on a 15hp chassis.

Many cars were supplied in chassis only form to independent coach builders. The above are a selection of the body styles produced by Crossley and other coach builders.

The prices quoted are from contemporary advertisements.


capacity 2388cc (12/14hp)
2613cc (15hp)
cylinders 4 cylinder monobloc. Fixed cylinder head.
bore 3 1/8 inches (80 mm)
stroke 4 3/4 inches(120 mm) (2388cc)
5 1/8 inches(130 mm) (2613cc)
compression ratio


RAC Horse Power 15.6
carburettor Claudel Hobson or later Smiths 4 jet
valves side
lubrication pressure-fed to big end and camshaft
ignition high tension magneto
max power 17.5 bhp at 1000 rpm, 32 bhp at 2400 rpm
Shelsley 45 bhp.
cooling Water cooled by thermo-syphon. Fan fitted.
fuel consumption (typical)
max speed (approx)

Gears Gearbox unit mounted with engine.
Clutch Leather faced cone
Drive Shaft Torque tube
Rear axle Differential - straight cut bevel gears
ratio 4:1 (Shelsley)