In the 1930s Crossley joined in the enthusiasm for streamlining, designing a car using Sir Dennistoun Burney's patents and with the engine from the  Silver  rear mounted. Although more conventional looking and smaller than Burney's own cars, it was still too "different" to sell and was expensive. Two complete cars, one with registration BGU 217 in the collection of the British National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, another in private hands and a few remains of a third survive.

The Streamline was launched at the 1933 London Motor Show. About 20 were made. Known chassis numbers range from 17/103 to 17/116.

The car is sometimes described as the Crossley Burney or the Crossley RE (rear engined) but it was always officially known as the Streamline.


Crossley streamline front Crossley streamline rear
Crossley streamline

The car was originally advertised in 1934 at £750  but there must have been few customers as by 1935 it was being offered at £395.

The top photo shows the car at Brooklands during a road test.

All cars are thought to have been fitted with Crossley bodies.

The prices quoted are from contemporary advertisements.


capacity 1991 cc
cylinders 6
bore 65 mm
stroke 100 mm
compression ratio ??
RAC Horse Power 15.7
carburettor Solex
valves overhead valves operated by push rod
ignition Scintilla magneto
max power 60 bhp at 4200 rpm
fuel consumption (typical) 20-25 mpg
max speed (approx) 80 mph
acceleration 0-50 mph - 21 seconds
0-60 mph - 29 seconds
Gears Wilson Preselector
ratios 1:1, 1.34:1, 2:1, 3.4:1
Clutch Borg and Beck "Cush drive"
Drive shaft Rear engined. Drive via Cardan Shafts.
Rear axle spiral bevel
ratio 4.37:1