The Crossley 3 litre Sports Saloon was manufactured between 1934 and 1936. Approximately 10 were made. Chassis numbers range from 43001 to 43010. It used the same chassis and possibly sometimes the body of the 2 Litre Sports Saloon. One survives in Australia but not with its original body and there are rumours of another in a museum in Germany.


Crossley 3 litre Sports Saloon

The standard saloon.

£ 795 (1936)

(The photograph is the one that appears in Crossley's own literature for the 3 litre but it is actually the 2 litre Sports Saloon prototype. It is not certain but there is no evidence that it was ever fitted with a 3 litre engine. )

Crossley 3 litre Sports Saloon - front

This is a genuine 3 litre probably with a body by coachbuilders Ranalah. There are reports that this car survived in the Cambridge area until the late 1960s.

Crossley 3 litre Saloon -Beauvais body
Crossley 3 litre Saloon - Beauvais body

The later 3 litre. Both the earlier and this style appear to have been on offer in 1935. The bodywork is believed to be styled by C. F. Beauvais who had been with the coachbuilders Avon but in 1935 had joined Crossley.

£ 795 (1936)

(The lower picture shows the car being manoeuvred on the 1935 London Motor Show stand)

Some cars were supplied to Australia in chassis form to independent coach builders. One car is known to have been black with green leather interior.

The prices quoted are from contemporary advertisements. No independent test reports seem to have been done.


capacity 3198 cc
cylinders 6 monobloc
bore 75 mm
stroke 120 mm
compression ratio 6:1
RAC Horse Power 20.9
carburettor single down draught with automatic choke.
valves overhead operated by pushrod
lubrication full pressure to crank, big ends and valves
ignition coil
max power 64 bhp at 3000 rpm
fuel consumption (typical) ?? mpg
max speed (approx) ?? mph
Gears ENV type 150 4 speed preselector
ratios 1:1, 1.46:1, 2.24:1, 3.9:1
Clutch none
Drive shaft open shaft
Rear axle spiral bevel
ratio 3.75:1 or 3.9:1 (1936)