Designed by J. S. Critchley, the 22 hp was Crossley's first car and was announced in 1904 and first shown at the London Motor Show in February of that year. It was sometimes refered to as the 20-28. Early chassis are believed to have been imported from Belgium. The number made is not known.

Before 1919 chassis numbers were not segregated by model type and are in the range up to 2445. The last of these cars are thought to have been made in 1908.

Crossley 22hp chassis

The 22hp chassis


Crossley 22hp car

Crossley 22hp car

Crossley 22hp

Early examples of the 22hp

Many cars were supplied in chassis-only form to independent coach builders with Manchester-based Joseph Cockshoot supplying the bodies for many.


capacity 4766 cc
cylinders 4 pair cast. Fixed cylinder head.
bore 4 1/4 inches (110 mm)
stroke 5 1/8 inches (130 mm)
compression ratio

RAC Horse Power 24.6
carburettor Crossley automatic (Smiths from 1907)
valves Side. T Head. Twin camshafts
lubrication Exhaust pressurised.
ignition coil or magneto
max power 30 bhp at 900 rpm. 2000 rpm max.
fuel consumption (typical)

max speed (approx) 45 mph (70 kph)
Gears 4 speed
Clutch Twin internal expanding shoe. Metal to metal.
Drive Chain
Rear axle