The 14hp engine was used in a range of commercial and military vehicles introduced in 1925. Originally the wheelbase was 10 feet 5 inches but the military versions were supplied as 9 feet or 12 feet 11 inches. From 1927 the civilian versions were shortened to 9 feet.

The chassis was also used for staff cars for the Indian Army.

Chassis numbers were in the 25xxx range. At least one Martel one man tank was built on thechassis.

The total number made is not known but over 50 ambulances were sold. There are no known survivors.


Crossley 15/20 ambulance

15/20 Motor Ambulance as shown in the Crossley brochure of 1926.

The body was ash framed with the interior paneled in mahogany faced plywood.

There was room for two stretchers in the rear.

Crossley 15/20 van

15hp 15/20 cwt van from the 1925 brochure.
The frame is described as of hardwood with plywood panels, coach painted and varnished.

The interior dimensions are 7 ft 2 in long, 5ft wide and 4 ft 2 in high.

Crossley 15/20 van chassis

The chassis used on the commercial vehicles differs from that used on the cars especially at the rear.The engine bulkhead arrangements and the radiator are also changed. The gearbox is of the right hand change type.

Crossley 15/20 van rear axle

Here the worm drive rear axle can be seen and the substantial cross member.

Crossley car on 15/20 chassis

The staff car built on the 15/20 chassis. An unknown number of these were supplied to the Indian Army. Fold down occasional seats were fitted behind the front seat.


capacity 2388 cc
cylinders monobloc
bore 3 1/8 inches (79.4 mm)
stroke 4 3/4 inches (120 mm)
compression ratio
RAC Horse Power 15.6
valves side
ignition Magneto
max power 32 bhp at 2400 rpm
fuel consumption (typical)

lubrication pressure fed to main and big end bearings
max speed (approx) not known
Gears 4 speed in unit with engine
van - 3.73:1, 2.32:1, 1.47:1, 1:1
ambulance - 5.83:1, 2.32:1, 1.47:1, 1:1

The Military version had a 4+2 gear box with high and low ratios giving 8 forward speeds.
Clutch single dry plate
Drive Shaft open shaft with fabric universal joints.
Rear axle worm drive with worm on top
ratio - 6.5:1