The Crossley 10hp range was manufactured between 1931 and 1934. Approximately 1500 were made. Chassis numbers range from 10/101 to 10/1681. From 1932 the range was also sometimes referred to as "Quicksilver".

A wide variety of bodies was available until 1933. From 1933 (chassis 10/445) the range was rationalised to just two, the Buxton and Torquay saloons. The Torquay was named after the prototype of the style won the Coachwork prize at the 1933 RAC rally which finished in that town.

The Super Sports versions, available until 1933, had a tuned engine with twin carburettors and a different chassis with cruciform bracing and passing under the rear axle. A special racing versions was also made with 3 or possibly 4 being made.

The engines were made by Coventry Climax but carried Crossley badging.


Crossley 10hp family saloon

Ten "Family" saloon
£265 (1932-3)
Ten saloon "de luxe"

£288 (1932-3)
pre-selector gearbox £20 extra (1933)
sliding roof £7 10s extra

Colours available - Crossley Blue, Black or Maroon plus Atlantic Green on the "de luxe".
Upholstery - Blue, Red, Green or Brown.

The "Family" saloon had the top half covered in black fabric with safety glass windscreen.
The "de luxe" had safety glass all round and "completely paneled interior"

Crossley 10hp saloon

Ten Semi-Sports "de luxe" saloon.
£275 (1932-3)
Ten Semi-Sports "de luxe" saloon.
£288 (1932-3)

Fabric finish above the waistline.
Colours available - Crossley Blue, Indigo Blue or Black.
Upholstery - Blue, Red, Green or Brown.

Safety glass all round.

Crossley 10hp 2seat sports

Ten Super Sports 2 seat roadster.

In spite of a brochure being produced (from which this photograph comes) it is doubtful if more than the one prototype was made.
An example registered YY 5106 survived until the late 1960s when it was written off following a head on collision.

£350 (1933)

Crossley Super Sport

Crossley Super Sports Saloon

Ten Super Sports saloon.

As with the open car, and in spite of its appearance in several price lists, it is doubtful if more than the one prototype was made. After its appearance shown here at the 1932 Motor Show in London there has been no trace of it.

£278 (1932)
?? (1932-3) (de luxe) Super Sports version
£388 (1932)
£385 (1933)

Crossley 10hp 4 door tourer

Ten sports 4 seat tourer

£295 (1932-3)
A "variety" of colours was available.

Crossley 10hp Semi-Sports Coupe

Ten Semi-Sports coupé

£310 (1932-3)

The Semi-Sports coupé was a fixed head model with sun roof and dummy pram hinges.

Crosley 10hp coupe

Ten convertible coupé (Tickford body)

£325 (1932-3)

The accommodation is described as having two seats in front with two "comfortable emergency" seats in the rear. There was safety glass all round.

A "variety" of colours was available.

Crossley 10hp Buxton Saloon

Buxton 6 light saloon

£278 (1933) pre-selector gearbox £20 extra
£278 (1934)

A sliding sunroof was a standard provision.

From May 1933 a factory fitted radio was available at an extra cost of £35.

Crossley 10hp Torquay

Torquay 4 light saloon

£305 (1933) pre-selector gearbox £20 extra
£305 (1934)

A sliding sunroof was a standard provision.

From May 1933 a factory fitted radio was available at an extra cost of £35.

With the exception of the Tickford convertible coupé all the above are Crossley factory bodies. The chassis was also supplied to independent coachbuilders.

Colours available changed over the years. One list states the "Ten" models as available in royal blue, navy blue, dove grey, maroon and black with blue, maroon or brown leather.

The prices quoted are from Glass's Guide May 1938.


capacity Coventry Climax type "OC" 1122 cc (1097 cc on Super Sport models)
cylinders 4 monobloc
bore 63 mm (62.3mm on Super Sport models)
stroke 90 mm
compression ratio 6:1
RAC Horse Power 9.8
carburettor SU downdraught, Solex sidedraught from Sept 1933.
Twin RAG on the Super Sports models.
valves Overhead inlet, side exhaust, operated by single camshaft (possibly double inlet valves on Super Sport models)
lubrication Pressure feed to all bearings
ignition coil
max power 38 bhp (28KW) at 4250rpm
fuel consumption (typical) 30-34 mpg (Buxton and Torquay)
max speed (approx) 67 mph (108 km)
Super Sports - 80 mph (130 km)
acceleration 0-50 mph in 23 secs (4 seat tourer)
0-50 mph in 33 secs (Torquay with pre-selector gearbox)
Gears Moss 4 speed "twin top" type with centre change or ENV type 75 preselector
ratios - preselector 1:1, 1.33:1, 2:1, and 3.4:1.
Manual 1:1, 1.36:1, 2.36:1 and 3.8:1.
Clutch single plate - none on preselector option
Drive shaft open shaft with metal joints
Rear axle ENV spiral bevel
ratio 5.5:1 (standard)
5.33:1 (Super Sports, Torquay and Buxton)