This section contains pictures of surviving cars and links to further information on each one.

The vehicles are arranged in date order, oldest first.

--- BUSES ---

A 1915 20/25 chassis fitted in the early post war period with a bus body.
The 1931 Portsmouth Corporation Condor in its restored state. This was originally a Short Bros bodied double decker but was converted to a breakdown crane in around 1948.
The restored 1947 Sunderland Corporation Transport DD42/3
A restored 1948 Dutch SD42/1.
A 1949 DD42/7 rebodied by Roe in 1955.
An ex Cardiff Corporation 1949 DD42 with Alexander coachwork.
The 1949 Manchester Corporation DD42 from the collection of the Greater Manchester Transport Museum.
The 1949 SD42 was originally owned by Bolton Corporation.
An SD42 from 1949 with coach body.
An SD42 from 1949 with Plaxton's half cab coach body.
An SD42 from 1949 with Burlingham half cab coach body.
This SD42 has a coach body by Gurney Nutting.
A SD42 from 1949 with body by Whitson.
A 1950 SD42 with body by Yeates.
A 1950 DD42 supplied to Birmingham.
One of the SD42 buses supplied to Southport in 1951.
The only preserved Dominion Trolley Bus.
A 1951 DD42 built for Stockport Corporation.
The 1952 Derby Corporation DD42 now kept at the Tameside Transport Collection.


The 1917 20/25 tender from the Australian War Museum.
The 20/25 tender in the RAF Museum.
A rare surviving example of the RFC type tender.
Roger Bone's 6 wheel BGV2.
A Spanish IGL chassis with fire tender body
John Seabury's IGL8 winch gantry.
John Crossley's IGL8 crane.
The FWD Fire Tender in the RAF Museum.
A restored FWD2 with van body.