The following pages give more details and specifications of the vehicles made by Crossley Motors. Where no onward link exists, the page is still under development.

40 hp 20/70 Silver
22hp 14hp and 15/30 10 hp
12/14, 15 and "Shelsley" 18/50 and 20.9 Regis
20hp and 20/25 15.7 Streamline
25/30 Crossley Bugatti  2 litre Sports Saloon
19.6 Golden and Super Six  3 litre Sports Saloon

Eagle and Hawk Mancunian SD42
Arrow and Alpha TDD4 and 6 trolley buses Dutch buses (SD42/1&2)
Condor DD42
Dominion and Empire trolley buses

Commercial and Military
20/25 Tender Crossley-Kegresse IGL 3 to 8
BGT1 or 40-50hp 30 cwt IGL 2 BGV 3 to 5
IGL 1 18/50 van Atlas lorry
IGA 1 Armoured car BGV1 and 2 Beta lorry
15/20 van Crossley IGA 3 Armoured car Delta lorry
Crossley Mk1 Armoured car FWD