This section contains pictures of surviving cars and links to further information on each one. The cars are arranged in age order, oldest first.


Anthony Keld's 14 hp is the oldest of the model currently on the road.
Robert Tenney's 1923 15/30 on tour in Tasmania in April 2000. During the journey he covered 1300km with no mishaps except one puncture and a leaking radiator header tank. The other car is a Morris 8 he met near Queenstown on Tasmania's west coast.
John Naughton's 1923 15/30 whilst in the ownership of Jeremy Lywood.
This early 14hp has been owned for its entire life by the Brisshall family. It was exported to Sweden in 1923.
Steve Harris's 1923 15/30.
This 1924 14hp, this car was severely damaged by fire when belonging to John Levaggi. It is now restored and owned by Peter Moore.
A flat screen 15/30 saloon in New Zealand
The 1924 tourer when owned by Ken Brookes.
A very rare Crossley bodied V Screen Saloon.
The only surviving 15/30 coupe from 1925.
A replica van on a 1925 chassis.
Graham Chisholm's 1925 boat tailed 15/30.
Alan Pratt's 1925 15/30.
Shane and Simoen Perrott's 1926 15/30
David Dickinson's 1925 15/30. This car spent its early life in New Zealand.
Steve Thourgood's 1925 15/30. The car has an Australian body by Properts of Sydney.
Cally's 1926 15/30 with 2 seater boat tailed body.
Terry Cox's 1926 15/30 with Crossley body.
Harold Newton's 1926 conserved 15/30.
John Beasley's 1926 Australian bodied 15/30.
Mike Sumner's 1926 Australian bodied 15/30.
Andrew Kimpton's 15/30 two seater.
Mike Tunney's 1926 Holden bodied 15/30.
The Swalve family's 1926 15/30.
Tony and Petrina Pashley's 15/30.
Mike Molyneux driving his 1926 15/30.
Kurt Schulz's 1927 15/30
Dominic McEvoy's 1926 15/30