This section contains pictures of surviving cars and links to further information on each one.

The cars are arranged in date order, oldest first.

The oldest surviving Crossley car. The 40hp now in the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.
The 1912 15hp belonging to Howard Kenward.
The Shuttleworth Trust's 1912 15hp.
The 1912 15hp belonging to Eric Cheney.
The only 20hp left dating from 1912.
An original 1913 15hp in Australia.
A 1914 RFC Staff Car.
Tom Griffin's 1914 15hp Shelsley model.
Charles Donovan driving his 1914 15hp.
Walter Ullrich's 20/25 in South Africa.
Michael Knight's 25/30 2 seat coupé.
A 25/30 in Kolkatta, India
A 1920 25/30 coupé.
Arthur Garthon's 1920 25/30.
This 25/30 is one of three Crossley cars in Sweden.
A 1925 25/30 tourer when owned by Tony Courtney.