This section contains pictures of surviving cars and links to further information on each one.

The cars are arranged in date order, oldest first.


George Sands's early 10hp.
The sole surviving Vernon Crossley racing car
John Mellish's 1932 10hp tourer.
A 1932 Australian bodied tourer.
John Crossley's 1932 10hp tourer.
Clive Williams's 1933 Torquay.
A Buxton awaiting restoration.
A 1933 Buxton when owned by John Mellish.
A 1933 10hp tourer under restoration. This one has an Australian body by W.Ferguson.
The only Torquay in Spain.
The only Crossley 10hp in the Netherlands.

Tony Courtney's 1934 10hp Buxton.
John Naughton's 1934 10hp Torquay.
A very original low mileage 1934 Torquay.
Geoff Harvey's 1934 Torquay.
Malcolm Asquith's 1934 Torquay.
An early Regis from 1934
Harvey Bould's 1935 Regis 4.
One of the two surviving original Regis 10hp tourers as it was in 1981.
A Crossley bodied Regis tourer.
The Regis 10 owned by Wayne Gregory.
The Regis 12 on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.
A 12hp 1935 Regis 12 saloon converted to a tourer.
The only Regis in Australia.
A 1936 Regis 12.
Martin Sims's 1936 Regis 12.
A 1936 Regis 12 - possibly the youngest Crossley car on the road.