This section contains pictures of surviving cars and links to further information on each one. The cars are arranged in date order, oldest first.


Philip Lucking's 2 Litre Sports
Stephen Weld's 1928 15.7 fabric bodied saloon.
Robert Johnson's 1928 15.7 on the way down the ski field access road on Mt Ruapehu in the Tongariro National Park on New Zealand's North Island.
The 1928 Crossley 15.7 in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry
John Newton's 15.7 standard saloon.
Trevor Westcott's 15.7 tourer.
A 1930 15.7 coupé.
15.7 coupés at the end of the Manchester to Blackpool run.
Donald Roger-Brown's 1930 15.7 saloon.
A 1930 Silver Saloon.
Chris Bass and his 1930 Silver.
Stephen Weld's 1931 2 Litre Sports.
A 1930 special bodied Silver when owned by Linda Tilbury.
Stan Gale's 1931 Silver with tourer body.
James Gray's Super Silver.
George Mellish's 1934 Sports Saloon.
The UK National Motor Museum's 1934 Streamline.